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Chinese views: Olympic legacy

People from cities and villages across China reflect on the Olympic Games and their legacy for China.

Xiao Bing-bing
Xiao Bing-bing

Eliza Li
Eliza Li

Sophie Cheng
Sophie Cheng
Regina Yang
Regina Yang

Yamoo Wang
Yamoo Wang

Hanny Geng
Hanny Geng


Xiao Bing-bing

I have seen a great Olympics.

During the Olympics a lot happened: the flying-man Liu Xiang had to leave the 110m hurdles due to injury. This made me sad, as did the fact that we did not win in the men's basketball.

All the Chinese around me have been excited by this great event. Our company staff held a basketball match just before the opening ceremony. We live on a high altitude here at 4000m. It is difficult to play sport and yet we played.

On the night of the opening ceremony, everybody watched. I just heard sounds of wonder.

We got information about the Olympics on the internet and after work we stayed in and watched Olympics. We talked Olympics all the time.

I don't think it is important how many gold medals we won. Iraq, which only sent a few athletes, also deserves respect. In China we all supported the flying-man Liu Xiang because he proved that even East Asian men can run fast.

If I had to pick one memory from this Olympics it must be Michael Phelps. He must come from another planet and Americans must feel lucky that they have such a genius.

The Olympics is important for China's place in the international community. It is a sports pageant and although China was misinterpreted and slighted before the Olympics, now the world is welcoming us. We must take this opportunity and join up with the rest of the world.


Eliza Li

I have watched about 30% of the Games. People talked about the Olympics almost everywhere: at home, in public places like the buses and in shops.

China really did a good job in the Olympics. One of my favourite sports is table tennis. I like Zhang Yining. But I was most surprised by Michael Phelps and I watched most of his events.

Liu Xiang made a really good impression on me even though he quit the hurdle race. I still think he is a hero.

I think the Olympics will improve China's reputation in the world.


Sophie Cheng
During the last two weeks my family watched the Games all the time - from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day. If we had to go out, we would listen to the radio.

Almost everybody has been talking about the Games and the athletes. Olympics songs were so popular that most people could sing them.

I was glad to see the great success of the Chinese athletes, which was based on the hard work of our athletes. It was all worth it.

I have seen so many great games and brilliant athletes from Phelps to Zhang Ning, Bolt, Samuel Wanjiru, Yelena, Cheng and on and on.

My most enduring memory is from the opening ceremony when smiling faces from all over the world were collected centre-stage.

I believe the Games has helped the world know China more. We are not dragons, we are friendly, kind, helpful and peace-loving. I believe this will change many people's views of China. I am proud!


Regina Yang
I watched the most of the events involving Chinese players.

The atmosphere was very exciting. We had a free day on 8 August in order to watch the opening ceremony. During the past two weeks, we experienced so many surprises and some disappointments. However, it was a wonderful experience for me.

I watched the Games at home or with friends in a bar. People were so excited to talk about how many medals we had got and how things were going.

Our medals success was a big surprise. I never thought we could beat the US on gold medals.

I liked watching the diving, gymnastics, ping pong, basketball, volleyball and many others.

My favourite athletes are Liu Xiang ,Yao Ming, Guo Jing-jing, Phelps and so on.

The Olympics is just a game but it is a great chance for the outside world to know more about the real China. But I don't think that the Games will have had a big influence on China's position in the world.


Yamoo Wang
I haven't watched much of the Olympics.

But the atmosphere over the past two weeks has been really exciting.

Security was tight. Everywhere we had to show our ID card, for example, if you worked in a state-owned company. Even when taking the train, we had to taste all the liquids we travelled with because of security concerns.

This is because the Games has been the most important focus for the country. Every single person talked about it all the time.

I am happy about our success on the medal table. I think the medals prove themselves. True power!

My one lasting memory is the opening ceremony - the fireworks which looked like footprints and the procession of teams from many different countries.

The Olympic Games have proven China's position in the world. We could be the leader of other countries!

At least, I hope so.


Hanny Geng
I watched some of the Olympics and the opening and closing ceremonies live on television and the internet.

People here cheered on the Chinese gold medals and the stunning performances by athletes such as Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps.

We talked a lot of Olympics during our breaks.

I am very happy about China's success on the medal tally. China is still not a super sports power but we are investing a lot of resources.

Bolt's final dash during the 100m sprint will be the strongest memory.

There were controversies - such as the miming by the young girl during the opening ceremony. The people responsible should have thought of a back-up plan. They should have let both girls appear on stage or chosen another girl. But the Chinese are a face-saving people and that is why this happened. I don't believe it was maliciously planned. I just think it is ridiculous to defend miming as being in the national interest.

But the Olympics was a great chance for the outside world to know the ordinary people of China.


Maggie, a teacher from Sichuan
Most people watched the Games every single day. I heard the cheers of neighbours at home and on the streets people talked about the Olympics. In restaurants, bars and open-air squares I saw people watching the Olympics.

As for China's success on the medal table, on the one hand, I feel proud and happy for those athletes. On the other hand, I think that we should be sensible and not over zealous.

There are too many good images and memories from this Olympics, but if I can only pick one, I will pick the tableaux performance at the opening ceremony when people used their instruments to demonstrate a Chinese character, pronounced as 'he', which means 'harmony and peace', that was just so amazing.

The Olympics does show that China is an emerging power in the world. It is also an opportunity to draw all Chinese people's hearts together, no matter where they are around the globe. Chinese people have expressed their enthusiasm and patriotism in this great event.

As a Chinese, I am proud to see China's improvement. I also have to say that there are still many things we need to improve. We can make efforts to further develop our country.

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