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Fault forces Qantas plane to land

A Qantas passenger plane has been forced to make an emergency landing in Adelaide, Australia, due to a mechanical fault.

Local news reports say the pilot told passengers there was a problem with one of the landing gear doors.

A Qantas spokeswoman said there was no risk to passengers' safety at any time.

The incident comes three days after a Qantas plane made an emergency landing in the Philippines after a large hole appeared in its fuselage.

A Qantas spokeswoman told The Canberra Times website that a Melbourne-bound Boeing 737-800 returned to Adelaide shortly after take-off on Monday night because it was believed one of the landing gear doors had failed to retract.

Australia's Civil Aviation Agency said the doors covering the wheel bay did not close properly after take-off, a malfunction which would have affected the plane's aerodynamics but did not risk passengers' safety or cause decompression.

Mid-flight blast

Meanwhile Australian safety officials have found fragments of a missing oxygen tank from a Qantas plane which was forced to make an emergency landing on Friday.

The discovery appears to strengthen a theory that a large hole in the fuselage was caused by a mid-flight explosion of an oxygen tank.

Passengers reported a loud bang and feeling a rush of wind and debris through the cabin.

The plane was forced to make an emergency descent from 29,000ft to 10,000ft.

None of the 365 passengers and crew was injured.

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