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China-Taiwan direct: Readers react

Chinese tourists arrive in Taipei on 4 July 2008
The first regular direct flights from China to Taiwan for nearly six decades have begun.

Five major Chinese cities will have direct air links with Taiwan, as ties between the two improve following the election of the island's new president, Ma Ying-jeou.

Here are your reactions to the news.


I think tourism is the best way to improve the relations between these two nations. When people from two countries understand each other, it is much easier for the governments to improve the relationship. If the people of two nations are still fighting, how can the governments make any further good relationship?
Nattapong Suwannarerk, Krabi, Thailand

As a resident of Taiwan, I am very encouraged by this because it shows that the newly-elected KMT are willing and able to keep their promises.
Dave, Taipei, Taiwan

I believe these flights are only for the Chinese but I hope it is not so. Closer contacts hopefully will bring a unity between the two sides.
Ashraf Chaudhry, Brisbane, Australia

That is great experience for China and Taiwan because it will help them get over their breakdown between them. History teaches us that people not government stops breakdown.
Hiro, Japan

Really an excitement to both Mainlanders and Taiwanese.
Max, China

Before such direct flights were approved, it took numerous hours for local Taiwanese as well as foreigners to travel through Hong Kong in order to reach Beijing, Shanghai and so forth. Although this may be convenient, I believe that this relationship between China and Taiwan may be somewhat unclear, since who knows if Taiwan will face the same destiny as what Tibet had faced. Who knows if this will really be good for Taiwan? Perhaps a much deeper investigation, time and understanding would the truth become clear.
Alexander Chen, Tainan, Taiwan

No doubt business and tourists will reap the benefits at least in the short term. However I hope the democracy loving Taiwanese will remind themselves that what they are getting closer to is a neighbour that has continually threatened violence against them should any move toward independence be made.
Kevin Gallagher, Hsinchu, Taiwan


Myself and several of my employees travel regularly to both Taiwan and China. We waste 2 days each time because we have to travel via Hong Kong to get from one country to the other. Now it will take just under an hour to fly from Shanghai to Taiwan. The same problems have surrounded shipping which had to be routed through a third party country.
Steven Walsh, Bolton, England

At last the hours wasted getting a flight to Hong Kong and kicking your heels whilst waiting for your connection to Taiwan are gone. As a business traveller the ease of jumping on a plane in China and a few hrs later arriving directly in Taiwan is a massive benefit without all the wasted hrs in the past.
Paul Leigh, Cove, England

I think is great. Being a Sales Director and being responsible for the entire Asia-Pacific region, I had to do many Taipei - Guangzhou trips via Hong Kong and it used to be a big pain. I am really happy that this has happened. Good Luck with this new initiative.
Gunjan Kumar, India

I plan to visit Beijing after the Olympic Games, so I love to see the regular flight becoming successful. If peace can always be maintained without the politicians disturbance, that will be the best thing for both sides.
Tim Tsao, Taiwan

The direct flights is one of a string of economic improving promises the new Taiwanese government made to Taiwanese people but in my opinion it is a disguise for stepping closer to the eventual unification of Taiwan into China. The more than average fall of the Taiwanese stock market since the new government started in May proves that the confidence is lacking.
Wen-Hao Tsai, London, UK

It's good to see Chinese tourists can visit Taiwan. Despite the political issue, many Taiwanese believe that rich Chinese tourism spending would bring wealth to this island and could solve some parts of this country's economic problems.
Neil, Taipei

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