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Eyewitness: 'Bodies on the road'

A man armed with a knife has killed seven people and injured several others in central Tokyo.

Kamran Zaffar, a British man who arrived at the scene shortly after the stabbings, told the BBC what he saw.

Rescue workers tend to the injured in Tokyo's Akihabara district
Seventeen ambulances were sent to the scene
I first saw a person lying on the floor and I could see blood dripping down in a pool around the body. Some people were trying to help.

I was shopping in the district. It's always really busy around there and there were still loads of people around.

There was a police officer standing right there and so I walked past.

When I walked round the corner I saw a woman lying on the floor.

That shocked me. You never see things like that in Japan. A police cordon had blocked off a side street.

Then as I walked on I saw people lying in the middle of the main road - where cars would normally travel - near a crossing.

Groups of people were crowding around and hanging about.

All the way down the main road this was the scene. I must have seen about six or seven bodies lying on and about the road inside the cordons.

The shops seemed to be empty and the shop keepers were just standing at the entrances looking on. I could see other people on the road were just standing and watching on the side.

People looked shocked. I think everyone must have been in shock

The fire officers were wearing masks. I had no idea what had gone on.

There were three or four ambulances and about 20 police officers. I couldn't see everything around the cordons and I didn't understand what had happened.

It was really shocking and so I walked away and took the subway.

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