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Images of 'paedophile' released

Photos of suspected paedophile wanted by Interpol
Pictures released by Interpol of man suspected of child sex abuse

Interpol has released images from the internet of a man it suspects of sexually abusing young boys.

The international police agency is launching the worldwide appeal because two years of investigations have failed to identify the man.

Pictures showing the man sexually abusing at least three boys were found on the internet, police say.

Last year, images of another suspected paedophile, unscrambled after they were distorted, quickly led to an arrest.

"The law enforcement community around the world has done all it can to find this man who clearly presents a danger to young children, and we are now asking the public to help identify this predator and protect other potential victims from abuse," said Interpol Secretary General, Ronald Noble, in a statement.

Police first became aware of the suspect two years ago from photos of him found on the computer hard-drive of a man arrested in Norway and later convicted on paedophilia-related charges, the Associated Press reports.

Image of the suspected paedophile police say is Christopher Neil
Computer technology revealed the face of the man known as Mr Swirl

The six pictures released by Interpol show a white man, aged about 50, with thinning grey hair.

It says it has images of the man abusing boys of between approximately six and 10 years old, which it believes were taken in South East Asia in 2000 and 2001.

"There are at least three child victims that are in the images, but it could be more," said Kristin Kvigne, of the agency's people-trafficking division.

'Mr Swirl'

Last October Interpol released pictures of a suspected paedophile who became known as Mr Swirl because his face had originally been disguised on the internet using a digital technique.

Computer technology was used to unscramble the face of the man, who had been seen in dozens of images of abuse.

A 32-year-old Canadian ex-teacher, Christopher Neil, was soon arrested, and is due to go on trial in Thailand in June.

He denies charges of abusing a nine-year-old boy.

In the present case, the man has not attempted to disguise his identity in the photos.


Interpol's Kristin Kvigne appeals for information on the suspect

Ms Kvigne said Interpol had carefully weighed the decision to release the pictures, given the risk that an innocent person might be wrongly identified.

She urged people to contact the police if they recognise the man, and not to take any action on their own.

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