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UK director's Olympic role unease
By James Reynolds
BBC News, Beijing

Film director Daryl Goodrich at a press conference in Beijing (23/02/2008)
Mr Goodrich said he needed to think about the events of recent days
Steven Spielberg's resignation from the Beijing Olympics because of China's policy in Sudan has put pressure on others associated with the event.

British director Daryl Goodrich, who has just made a promotional film for the Olympics, admits he now questions his involvement in the games.

Mr Spielberg resigned as an artistic director to the Olympic Games earlier this month.

He said China was not doing enough to resolve the Darfur crisis.

China, which says it is doing all it can to prevent murder and rape in Darfur, is trying to limit the damage caused by Mr Spielberg's withdrawal.

Mr Goodrich made the promotional film that helped London win the 2012 Olympic Games. He was also invited, along with four others, to make a promotional film for Beijing.

The films were premiered in Beijing on Sunday night at an event with a red carpet, fashionable guests and a 60 piece orchestra.


Mr Goodrich found himself tucked in between two senior Chinese officials in the main row, watching his film, which is called Belief.

I think that both of us acknowledge a bit of naivety now that we've been involved in the situation here
Caroline Rowland

"2008 and Beijing - this year and this place - will forever be recorded in human history," declared the event's presenter.

"And in 2008 Beijing is at the centre of the world, attracting the attention of many film directors across the world."

But in an interview with the BBC afterwards, Mr Goodrich admitted he was now uncomfortable with his role.

"We need to think about exactly what's happened over the last couple of days," he said.

His producer, Caroline Rowland, said Mr Goodrich had been put in a difficult position.

"Neither of us has anything like the reputation or the stature or the public profile of a person like Steven Spielberg," said Ms Rowland.

"(So) it would have been enormously arrogant to have made any kind of judgement call."

But she added: "I think that both of us acknowledge a bit of naivety now that we've been involved in the situation here, and been confronted with the kinds of questions we've had in the last few days."

China has come under pressure over the Darfur crisis because many believe Beijing's strong trade links with Khartoum allow it to influence events in Sudan.

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