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China couple sue metro over kiss
A woman views a video on a Chinese website showing a couple embracing at a metro station in Shanghai
The couple say the film violated their privacy
A Chinese couple are to sue the operators of the Shanghai metro after video footage showing them kissing at a tube station appeared on the web.

The couple say their passionate embrace was taped by metro staff and uploaded onto video-sharing websites with mocking comments in the background.

The clip was viewed by 15,000 people within two days of being put online.

The couple say they are taking legal action to protect the privacy rights of all passengers.

The operators of the Shanghai metro say they are investigating the incident.


The couple say the video, which was shot in September and posted on websites and last week, had embarrassed them and violated their privacy.

"We think employees of the metro station taped us illegally and made negative comments [while filming]," the unnamed man in the video is reported as saying by the China Daily.

"This has to do with the protection of the legal rights of all passengers travelling on metro trains in Shanghai, and not simply our own interests and [the] damage it has done to us," he said.

The man recently resigned from his job after receiving calls from relatives and friends, the China Daily reports.

"Now, every time I walk into a metro station, I feel very uncomfortable," he said.

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