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Last Updated: Monday, 21 January 2008, 11:29 GMT
Soap has Thai aircrew in a lather
Aircrew say the soap ignores many aspects of their job
Flight attendants in Thailand want a new television soap to be cancelled because they say it shows them in an unrealistic and immoral light.

"The Air Hostess War" focuses on a married pilot having an affair with a stewardess on his plane.

The trade union representing air crew is asking the culture ministry and the TV station that broadcasts the show to take it off the air.

The union says the show might put off young people from becoming attendants.

It's all about sex and air hostesses beating each other up in the cabin because of love and jealousy
Noppadol Thaungthong,
Union official

The show began airing last week and is said to have enthralled viewers.

But flight crew and their union are horrified.

"We are demanding that the station and the producers immediately stop airing this ugly soap opera," said union official Noppadol Thaungthong.

"It's all about sex and air hostesses beating each other up in the cabin because of love and jealousy.

"This kind of thing never happens."

Another official is quoted as complaining that the show ignored all the important safety and customer service work carried out by flight attendants.

Tone down

A spokesman for Thai broadcaster Channel 5 - which is run by the armed forces - said it had no plans to drop the show, but might ask the programme-maker to tone it down.

Spokesman Thawinan Kongkran said: "The producer says the soap opera reflects all sides of the profession.

"If some scenes are inappropriate, as the labour union says, we will ask the producer to change that."

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