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Melbourne youth faces party bill
Corey Delaney
Corey Delaney said he could not remember much of the party
Five hundred drunken teenagers have attacked police during a wild party in the Australian city of Melbourne.

Officers answering a complaint about noise were forced to retreat and await reinforcements after they were attacked with rocks and bottles.

The teenager who threw the party while his parents were away could now face a bill for thousands of dollars to pay for the damage done in the rampage.

Police blamed lack of adult supervision for the under-age drinking spree.

Lessons to learn

The trouble started after what appeared to be a routine complaint about a noisy party in a suburban neighbourhood. The officers backed away when confronted by a large crowd of drunken 16 and 17-year-olds.

Best party ever, that's what everyone's saying
Corey Delaney

Glass bottles and other missiles were thrown at police cars and nearby houses and gardens were vandalised before at least 30 officers, a helicopter and the police dog squad arrived to try to restore calm.

An estimated A$20,000 ($18,000; 9,200) worth of damage was done but no arrests were made.

Victoria state Police Commissioner Christine Nixon said the teenager who threw the party, 16-year-old Corey Delaney, may hold ultimate responsibility.

"He needs to learn a lesson, and one way or another we will be making sure that happens," she told a news conference.


The BBC's Phil Mercer in Sydney says the teenage host said he hoped his mum and dad would not find out what had happened.

But they have. His mother Jo, on her way home from Queensland, told the Seven Network: "We're a good family. I'm just devastated and horrified that this has actually occurred.

"Obviously he's very scared of the consequences that we're going to bring upon him."

Corey Delaney is reported to have advertised his party on the internet and by text messages and it attracted a number of strangers. He told local media his invited guests had no part in the melee.

But when asked what advice he had for other teenagers planning a home alone party, he appeared unrepentant and told the Nine Network: "Get me to do it for you.

"Best party ever, that's what everyone's saying."

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