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Last Updated: Friday, 11 January 2008, 14:50 GMT
Singapore A380 rolls onto grass
A Singapore Airlines A380 landing in Sydney
The A380 superjumbo came into service in October last year
A flight by an Airbus A380 had to be abandoned after its tow-truck failed in Singapore, as it was being guided towards the runway for take-off.

The plane was preparing to fly to Sydney when part of it ended up on a grass verge, Singapore Airlines said.

The superjumbo's 446 passengers, who were moved to another plane, got off without injury.

The accident at Changi airport left the plane with minor damage, possibly to the tyres, according to the airline.

The accident occurred when the hydraulics failed on a truck towing the plane, which was not running on its own power at the time.

"The damage is very limited, it's superficial in the sense that there is possibly damage to tyres," airline spokesman Stephen Forshaw told AP news agency.

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