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Anger at Taiwan's 'heaviest pig'
Obese pig (image courtesy of WSPA and EAST)
Pigs were force-fed sand and metal for the contest
Animal rights groups have expressed outrage at the force-feeding and sacrifice of the world's heaviest pig in Taiwan.

The obese pig was sacrificed as part of Taiwan's annual Pig of God contest.

Animal activists filmed the pig's slaughter, and the parading of its body, for its online video campaign.

The pig weighed more than 908kg (143 stone) after being force-fed sand and metal. It was unable to stand on its own feet and took 20 men to carry.

After its slaughter on Saturday, in Hsin Chu, it was painted and paraded through the streets. The heaviest pig contest is part of the annual Pig of God festival, and hundreds of pigs are force-fed as farmers seek to increase their weight.

Leah Garces, WSPA International Programmes Director, called the contest "a grotesque freak show that ends in the public killing of animals".

The competition is illegal in Taiwan, but activists say that authorities in Hsin Chu have been reluctant to enforce the ban, fearing a backlash from religious groups.

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