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China firm sues Google over name
Image of Google China homepage, AFP
Google has been criticised for its stance on China
A Chinese firm is suing the internet giant Google over its Chinese name, saying it is too much like its own name and is harming its business.

Google's Chinese subsidiary has transliterated its name to Guge.

Beijing Guge Science and Technology Ltd told Reuters news agency that people were constantly phoning its office trying to contact search engine Google.

"We just want Google to change their commercial name," said Tian Yunshan of Beijing Guge.

Mr Tian said that people looking for Google in a local telephone directory assistance service were directed to his company because Google is not listed.

Google started its Chinese subsidiary in 2005.

Since then, it and other major IT firms such as Microsoft and Yahoo have been criticised for censoring themselves in order to enter the Chinese market.

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