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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 13:08 GMT 14:08 UK
Chinese man fakes it as a pilot
Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Catch Me If You Can'
An unemployed Chinese man boarded an aeroplane disguised as a pilot, in order to get a free flight home, according to state media.

His actions mimicked the exploits of a fraudster portrayed in a Hollywood film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Shu Shi, 23, turned up at Beijing's international airport dressed as a pilot, carrying fake identification, according to the Beijing News.

He had reportedly bought the uniform on the internet.

The relevant fake documents had been also been downloaded from the internet.

Caught out

His plan was only foiled when the plane's real pilot discovered his limited knowledge of aviation issues.

He was handed over to police when the aircraft arrived in his home province of Guizhou.

Shu Shi was detained for 10 days and fined 500 yuan ($65), the Beijing News said.

In the film Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a character inspired by a real master of deception who passes himself off as a pilot, and as other professionals, before his trick is eventually discovered.

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