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Kyrgyzstan leader 'was poisoned'
Almaz Atambayev. File picture.
Almaz Atambayev says he has recovered from his illness
The prime minister of Kyrgyzstan was poisoned this month with a toxin of unknown origin, a government medical report has stated.

Almaz Atambayev said he was unconscious for two days after someone tried to poison him when they handed him a glass of water in his office on 11 May.

Mr Atambayev said he had had death threats over a nationalisation plan.

President Kurmanbek Bakiyev appointed him in March to try to curb political turmoil in the central Asian state.

Semiconductor plant

The presidential medical office said the diagnosis on the prime minister was "acute toxic hepatitis".

It said: "According to the results of the investigation, it can be surmised... that toxins of unknown origin entered the patient's body."

Mr Atambayev had blamed "some government official" for the poisoning.

He said he had recovered and had no intention of resigning.

Mr Atambayev linked the incident to his attempt to nationalise a semiconductor plant in Jalalabad.

The government took over the Soviet-built plant in April and Mr Atambayev said he wanted to turn it into Kyrgyzstan's Silicon Valley.

Kyrgyzstan has suffered political upheaval for a number of years.

President Bakiyev replaced Askar Akayev, who was accused of corruption, in 2005.

But he has suffered growing unrest amid claims of cronyism and of failure to fight corruption.

Mr Bakiyev appointed Mr Atambayev, a moderate opposition politician, to replace Azim Isabekov in March.

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