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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 April 2007, 10:36 GMT 11:36 UK
'Zombies' bear down on Brisbane
"Zombies" shuffle through Brisbane, Australia
Zombie horror films made a comeback in recent years
Horror film fans dressed up to look like an army of the undead have been stomping the streets of Brisbane, Australia, in an annual Zombie Walk.

Spattered with fake blood and their faces painted a deathly white, the "Zombies" staggered across the city to the botanical gardens.

The event originated in North America and is in its second year in Brisbane.

Its website explains that it is not an April Fool's joke "but serious, in a flippant sort of manner".

Zombie Walks in Canada and the US have attracted hundreds of revellers.

An event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, drew nearly 900 "Zombies" in October 2006.

Your comments

We had our own Zombie Shopping Spree here in Montreal, Canada. It was really quite something and though no zombies were hurt in the process, the idea of zombies in the mall and also shopping spree in general are all quite ironic and somewhat humorous. The last turn out was about 100 people, but we expect more in the summer for the normal zombie walk.
Anton, Montreal, Canada

I participated in the Toronto Zombie Walk in 2005 and it was loads of fun! I wasn't quite sure how the general public would react to us, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The best part is that it's a completely free and free-spirited event with no purpose other than to have fun.
Alison, Toronto, Canada

It happens here in London too, although at Halloween rather than Easter. Crawl of the Dead, it's marvellous. And slightly terrifying!
Paul Hardcastle, London, UK

Have you ever been outside a UK secondary school at the close of school? I think this is a normal Monday to Friday occurrence at any one of them.
Ray Farmer, Spain

Here in the US, several cities have zombie pub crawls on Easter Sunday. It's pretty self-explanatory. People dress up like zombies and stagger on their way to the next bar. The hard part is telling the actors from the drunks, since they're both seemingly in character.
Michael Miller, Philadelphia, USA

This should be made illegal immediately as it is incredibly irresponsible. Do they not realize that be desensitizing the population to zombie attacks, by crying 'wolf', they are making it easier for the human race to be wiped out the day real zombies march the streets? Have they learned nothing from the movies?
Philip Paynter, Montréal, Canada

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