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Hong Kong's leader wins new term
Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang
Mr Tsang said he favours an open democratic system
Donald Tsang has won a second term as Hong Kong's chief executive in the first contested leadership race since the city returned to Chinese rule.

Mr Tsang is favoured by Beijing and was widely expected to win. He clinched the five-year term in a vote of 649-123.

His rival, democratic legislator Alan Leong, said the vote was rigged and he called for universal suffrage.

The territory's leader was chosen by an 800-member election committee in a secret ballot.

Pressure for reform

He currently enjoys high public approval ratings, partly due to a buoyant economy.

But correspondents say that while Mr Tsang may be in favour at the moment, many people are growing increasingly impatient for democratic reform.

Mr Tsang said he favoured an open democratic system and would work for a new constitution, but provided no specific proposal for how and when the territory should become fully democratic.

Some democrats say any participation in such a small circle election gives it a credibility it does not deserve.

Since Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997, it has been governed under a "one country, two systems" system, which gives the territory a wide-degree of autonomy.

But many people want full democracy - something Beijing has promised will eventually happen, although no date has been given.

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