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Last Updated: Monday, 12 February 2007, 05:07 GMT
Traveller held after Manila strip
Airport security tray
The passenger went through the X-Ray process twice
A German man who was so angered by airport security in the Philippines that he took off his trousers has been arrested for lasciviousness.

Hans Jurgen Oskar von Naguschewski, 66, performed the impromptu strip after being asked to go through the X-ray machine twice at Manila airport.

Instead of boarding his flight to Frankfurt, he was detained by police and is due in court on Monday.

He could face a sentence of between six months and six years in jail.

"He must have been annoyed that he was asked to walk through the X-ray twice so he took off his pants," airport security chief Angel Atutubo was quoted by local press as saying.

Police Superintendent Atilano Morada said: "He actually didn't say much, unlike Filipino passengers who would talk a lot.

"He was clearly irked and he showed it by disrobing."

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