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Eyewitness: Jakarta floods
Officials in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta say more than 300,000 people have left their homes amid the worst flooding in recent years.

A Jakarta resident emailed the BBC News website about the impact floods have had on people's lives.


Kunal Topandasani
Kunal Topandasani: Our house has become a refugee camp
I live in Sunter, in northern Jakarta. There is about 30cm of water outside my house, which has slowly been rising.

Forty metres down the road the water reaches the waistline and further down you go, it gets deeper. We are lucky that our house was built on a higher ground.

All my neighbours are leaving their homes, as it's impossible to stay. Some go to nearby hotels, others stay in mosques.

Hotels are now housing people, as it is an emergency. But it's only for one night, after which they have to find another place.

We haven't had electricity for the last two days. The only reason we are still here is because we have a diesel electric generator.

We bought it on Friday and it took six hours of queuing and fighting with other buyers. These machines are expensive and there is no guarantee that they'll work.

But it is working fine for the time being. Our house has become a refugee camp. It's a three-bedroom house and we managed to give shelter to 20 friends and relatives.

We had to rescue my grandmother's sister, who was stranded in her house. We borrowed a container truck to go through the water and then used bamboo rafts to get to her.

The situation is really bad. There are lots of mosquitoes, the water is dirty and there's garbage floating in the streets.

The streets are dark and scary and there are fewer cars passing by. I can see several cars floating and there is not a single soul to help.

People left homeless in the aftermath of the floods

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