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Last Updated: Monday, 5 February 2007, 11:40 GMT
Press sees neglect behind Jakarta floods
Volunteers rescue flood victims from roof
One paper praises the way Jakartans are supporting each other
Several papers across Indonesia say that poor city management has exacerbated the flooding in Jakarta, where hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless.

Some also blame the city's inhabitants for failing to keep the city clean, although one paper points out that the floods have also showed "the strength and unity of Jakartans".

And one daily argues that if Jakarta cannot avoid being flooded, then the capital must be relocated "for the sake of the image of the nation".


If ever it was needed, this is clear proof of the flawed management of the city, as well as of the ignorance of residents on the need to keep their city clean... There is, however, a bright side to the disaster. In a show of compassion, many people volunteered to help evacuate those whose houses were affected by the floods, while others donated food and medicine... Let us continue to work together in a show of the strength and unity of Jakartans.


The provincial government of Jakarta has neglected its residents. In fact, if we look at a big city, we see that cleanliness and development can go hand in hand. Just look at Singapore... When will residents of Jakarta have such an attitude? We don't know. What is certain is that as long as the mentality of the people in Jakarta does not change [and they continue littering], floods will continue to take place in our capital city.


The Jakarta floods clearly show the poor management of disaster and victim handling... The problem remains an original and typical character of Indonesia. Even though Jakarta has nearly everything, such as equipment and personnel, to handle disasters, all of this is insignificant in the battle against floods if it is allied with poor performance. Mentality is a deciding factor.


The current floods have been incredible and horrifying, because Jakarta has become utterly helpless to resist such mighty floods... Repeated and unresolved floods have made Jakarta lose its image and charisma as the centre of government and business.


The floods in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bekasi should have been anticipated... Having seen the wide scope of the floods, we must come up with an integral flood management plan... The central government should also play a role, considering Jakarta is a capital city. The face of Jakarta is the face of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.


In view of its location, Jakarta cannot avoid floods... To totally reform the infrastructure of the city is clearly a great financial burden... If Jakarta must indeed frequently suffer from flash floods and finds it difficult to overcome them, relocating the capital city for the sake of the image of the nation and country is an alternative.

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