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China warns on Olympics morality
Beijing 2008
China is determined the Olympic Games will be a triumph
Chinese authorities have warned government and Olympic officials not to indulge in corrupt or immoral behaviour during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Officials will be monitored to ensure they are living clean lifestyles, the China Daily newspaper reported.

The city's Communist Party boss warned officials not to have their energies "dissipated by wine and women".

Liu Qi, also the organising committee chief, cautioned officials not to visit "entertainment venues" after work.

Losing face

Beijing's mayor has said that the eyes of the world's media will be on Beijing, with some 30,000 reporters expected to cover the Olympics.

"More than 20,000 unregistered reporters and 10,000 registered ones are coming, and they are going to cover every detail of Beijing in their articles," Wang Qishan said.

"We have to have a good Olympics, otherwise not only will our generation lose face, but also our ancestors."

The warnings came as Beijing's former vice-mayor faced criminal proceedings after being accused of accepting bribes linked to the building of Olympic venues.

Liu Zhihua, expelled from the ruling Communist Party last month, was also condemned for having low morals and for helping his mistress "seek profit".

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