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Last Updated: Monday, 15 January 2007, 09:45 GMT
Water leak at Japan nuclear plant
Four employees at a nuclear plant in Japan were splashed by radioactive water during a routine inspection.

The workers' health and the area had been unaffected by the incident, the plant's operators, Kansai Electric Power Co, were quoted as saying.

The water, with traces of radiation, leaked at the Takahama No 1 reactor in Fukui, in western Japan.

Japan's nuclear industry has been hit by a string of mishaps and accidents but most have not involved people.

The country is reliant on nuclear power to meet its energy needs, but its shaky safety record has fuelled popular opposition to the plants.

Japan's worst nuclear accident also occurred in Fukui prefecture, at the Mihama plant in 2004 when a pipe burst killing five workers.

The latest incident took place as the Takahama unit was closed for regular inspection on Sunday, Kansai said in a statement.

A reported 370 litres (96 gallons) of the water leaked from a coolant pump, spraying the four staff members but not injuring them.

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