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Hong Kong: Past, present, future
On 1 July, Hong Kong marks the 10th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule after 156 years of British administration.

Here, people whose lives have been entwined with the former colony over many years reflect on its past, present and future.

THE 1940s

Nury Razack

It wasn't very good at all when the Japanese took over Hong Kong in 1941.

The Japanese landed at North Point. We were all taken out into the streets to be beheaded. We survived, but life was very hard. We had nothing to eat.

THE 1950s

David Johnson (right) with friends during the 1950s

Kowloon was a bustling noisy place - noise of rickshaws, trams, street vendors and people.

Pals and I would take the weekend transport truck into Kowloon and wander around. One of the most interesting things to do was to sample cuisine from around the

THE 1960s

Alastair Todd

The 1960s brought political unrest to Hong Kong.

For many months after the Star Ferry riots the colony was subjected to a wave of terrorism, violence, murder and intimidation, which had its source in the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution in China.

THE 1970s

Ken Wai

When I returned in the 1970s, that was when Hong Kong started major changes. It was the end of the cultural revolution in China.

China was very poor at that time and a lot of people came here, which meant that Hong Kong had low cost labour.

THE 1980s

Donna Wan

Life was very comfortable and secure during the 1980s. People were very much focused on their lives and work and they were content.

Our society was more harmonious than now and people were more considerate to each other.

THE 1990s

Wilson Chong

I remember two things about 1997. The historic moment when Lee Lai Shan won the first Olympic gold medal for windsurfing - the first time and last time in our history.

The second thing was Chris Patten's daughter in tears when they were leaving Hong Kong.

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