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Critics oppose Christmas in China
A Chinese man in a Santa outfit at a tree-lighting ceremony in Beijing
Chinese retailers and young people have embraced Western festivals
A group of Chinese students has criticised a rise in Christmas revelry, urging people to "resist Western cultural invasion", state media says.

The 10 students, all from elite universities, posted their views on an internet website, the China Daily said.

They condemned the proliferation of Christmas trees, seasonal messages in the media and people celebrating "until very late" on Christmas Eve.

The government was to blame for failing to maintain traditions, they said.

"Occidental culture has been more like storms sweeping through the country rather than mild showers," the students argued.

People were joining in Christmas partying without giving its meaning much thought, they said.

"This is a phenomenon of the collective loss of sense," they said, urging a return to Confucianism.

But the posting had drawn heavy criticism, China Daily said, and was unlikely to receive much support.

Western festivals like Christmas and Valentine's Day have been enthusiastically embraced by Chinese retailers and young people alike in recent years.

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