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School Day 24: About Indonesia link-up
Picture of Darunnajah, Kanisius and Labschool High Schools

Students at three schools - Islamic, Catholic and non-faith - in Jakarta linked up to discuss the relevance of religion in their daily lives, as citizens of their country Indonesia and the world.

Adopting a religion is a must in Indonesia. Albeit secular, the state requires all public and private school students to attend a religious class according to their respective faith.

Click on the links below to find out more about the three schools.

Darunnajah Senior High School, Ulujami, south Jakarta

Pupils at Darunnajah Senior High School, Jakarta
Darunnajah has its own mosque
Darunnajah Senior High School is a part of Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School which was established during the 1940s.

It provides a wide range of education programmes including nursery, primary, secondary and higher education.

The boarding school is an independent charity-based institution. Darunnajah has its own mosque, located in the middle of the school complex.

The school is for boys and girls and there are 30 students in each class.

Fadlan and Aqsha, both of them in Year 12, are taking part in the link-up.

"What is unique about our school is that the classes are divided between girls and boys," Fadlan says.

Indonesia map
"The school is like a home for us," he says. "You have a friend any time and anywhere here. So, there is no such thing like loneliness."

Aqsha says: "We need to speak two languages here, Arabic and English.

"We have a lot of extracurricular activities like girl scouts, marching band and nasyid [Islamic choir]. We also learn how to cook and I think this teaches us to live independently."

Kanisius Senior High School, central Jakarta

Kanisius High School is a Catholic private school for boys aged 12 to 17.

It was established in 1927 by a group of Jesuit pastors and since its birth, only male students have been accepted.

Pupil at Kanisius Senior High School, Jakarta
Kanisius is a private Catholic school

But like other Christian faith schools in Indonesia, it does accept students from other religions.

It has 19 classes and there are about 40 pupils in each class.

As a school set in Indonesian society, the goals of Kanisius College are to educate and guide its students based on the principle pancasila - believe in God, humanity, unity, democracy and social justice - within the spirit of Catholicism and to help students to be diligent, honest and responsible to their country.

Christian and Abhyasa (both from Year 12) are taking part in the discussion.

Christian says what he likes most about Kanisius is "the solidarity": "We are all boys. However, we always help each other.

"The school not only focuses on our academic achievement, but also our mental development. We have time to reflect on ourselves."

School finishes early every Friday to allow Muslim students to go to Friday prayer.

Labschool High School, Rawamangun, Jakarta

Labschool High School is a comprehensive school for boys and girls aged 12 to 17.

The school is in the complex of the Jakarta state university. It was founded in 1968 as a laboratory school for their then-teacher institute.

The senior part of the school consists of six classes, with about 40 students in each.

Divya and Komang are taking part in the link-up.

"What I like about my school is that we have a lot of extracurricular activities and events. These range from sport, music and mountain climbing," says Divya.

She adds: "One event that I like a lot is a retreat for all the students with different religions. Through this event we have a chance to better understand one another's religion."

Komang says what makes her proud about the school is that the dance group and the gamelan [Javanese musical instrument] group are often invited to perform in various events in the country and once performed in Europe.


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