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Press gives Bush mixed reception
A protestor wears a mask depicting US President George W. Bush in front of the US embassy in Jakarta
Indonesians vent their ire

US President George W. Bush's visit to Indonesia receives a mixed reception in the nation's newspapers as widespread protests foreshadowed his arrival.

While some commentators are clearly unhappy at his presence, others see it as an opportunity for the world's most populous Muslim country to make gains.

Denpasar's Bali Post says that President Bush's second visit to Indonesia gives grounds for optimism that the country could benefit from improved economic and military cooperation.

It calls for relations between Indonesia and the US "to be seen as a strategic international partnership".

We hope the meeting will bring benefits for most Indonesian people
Suara Pembaruan

Yogyakarta's Kedaulatan Rakyat recalls the time Indonesian leaders used to tell the US: "Go to hell with your aid!".

"We believe our current leader will be more courageous and wiser when negotiating with the US leader," it concludes.

Another paper which sees advantages in the visit despite the "inconvenience" is Jakarta's Suara Pembaruan.

It believes the major issues on the agenda of the meeting between the two presidents - including health, education, poverty alleviation and early disaster detection - "are clearly indispensable for Indonesia".

"President Bush's visit has caused us inconvenience, but we hope that the meeting will bring benefits for most Indonesian people."


A commentator in Surabaya's Jawa Pos has harsh words for Bush, while seeking to reassure the American people.

"Muslims in Indonesia are expressing their detestation of Bush because of his policies... [but] the American people have no need to worry."

Now, Mr President, you still have some time to improve your various foreign policies

"Protesters do not mean to express their hatred towards the American nation."

An editorial in Jakarta's Republika calls for change in US foreign policy.

"Welcome Mr Bush! May various protests during your visit to Indonesia and the defeat of your Republican Party in the Congress and Senate make you realize your policies have been opposed by many nations.

"But now, Mr President, you still have some time to improve your various foreign policies."

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