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Last Updated: Sunday, 20 August 2006, 15:59 GMT 16:59 UK
Arrest over China temple killings
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A farmer has been arrested in China's Shaanxi province accused of the gruesome killing of 10 people at a Taoist temple, state media said.

Qiu Xinghua, 47, was held on Saturday when he returned to his home in Fobing.

His alleged victims were aged between 12 and 62 and included the abbot of the Tiewadian temple in Ankang, whose organs were found "sliced and fried".

The words "He deserves it" were written at the scene in the blood of the victims, the media reports said.

Qiu Xinghua is said to have returned to his rented home not knowing police were lying in wait.

About 200 officers had taken part in a month-long manhunt, many of them scouring remote forests.

The suspect's picture had been released nationwide and a 50,000 yuan ($6,200; 3,300) reward offered for information leading to his capture.

Possible motive

The abbot, five temple staff and four pilgrims were killed on 16 July in the temple in Ankang city.

Nine of the victims were male and one female.

Abbot Xiong Wancheng was "disembowelled and his eyeballs, heart and lungs were found sliced and fried," Xinhua news agency said.

Early reports said the motive for the attack may have been revenge because Qiu Xinghua had apparently had an argument with temple staff a few days before the attack.

However, Xinhua said the case was still under investigation.

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