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Condi entertains at Asean forum
Condoleezza Rice plays the piano at the Asean gala
Ms Rice is an accomplished pianist
Condi performed a piano recital, India sang about nuclear proliferation and Japan performed a cartoon-based sketch featuring giant frogs.

The gala at the Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Regional Forum (ARF) in Kuala Lumpur appears to have lived up to expectations.

The forum has become known for the party, where delegations traditionally present some kind of entertainment.

Officials perform songs and sketches commenting on topical regional issues.

Highlights of previous years have included then US Secretary of State Colin Powell performing the song YMCA dressed as a builder and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov appearing as Star Wars character Darth Vader.

'Nuclear Neros'

This is the first year that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has attended the regional security forum.

Ms Rice chose a more sombre performance, reportedly to reflect concern over the fighting in the Middle East. She used her skills as a trained pianist to perform a piece by Brahms.

Colin Powell singing YMCA in 2004
Russia's Sergei Lavrov: Yellow Submarine, Jesus Christ Superstar
Australia's Alexander Downer: Spirit in the Sky, Kokomo
US' Madeleine Albright: Thanks for the Memories

But other delegations went all out.

The Indian delegation put on a Bollywood-style sketch that highlighted nuclear proliferation issues.

"Oh, if only the world was Bollywood, we could all dance and happily prance and declare the world as jolly good," the song went.

"Then we add some handsome heroes, some villains and some nuclear Neros, a Mr Khan, a Dr No, a Mr Kim and a John Doe," they sang, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and disgraced Pakistani scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

The South Korean delegation, meanwhile, came together to sing ABBA, led by Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon in a green sequined jacket.

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso sported an overcoat and hat to perform in a sketch featuring cartoon characters such as giant frogs, a Power Ranger and a mutant lobster.

The Chinese group formed a choir and sang a song, while the Russians performed a sketch in which Asean became the world's only superpower.

The Canadians put on football outfits and mocked up a Canada-Asean football match, which ended in a Zidane-style head butt and a red card.

The North Korean delegation did not attend the dinner, reports say.

The forum ends on Friday.

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