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South Koreans fear more missiles
North Korea says it will continue to test fire missiles despite international condemnation. Here South Koreans give their view of the situation unfolding on their doorstep.


Ji-Hye Kim
Kim Ji-Hye fears missiles will be launched towards South Korea
I was so frustrated and angry about the missile launch. I can't understand the behaviour of North Korea.

I was watching a World Cup football game and it was interrupted by a bulletin about the missile launches.

We were going about our ordinary lives, doing the things we like, and we have to put up with this kind of action.

I think it's time to push a hard line with North Korea. Our friendship policy has had no effect.

I have a lot of sympathy for the North Korean people, but their government makes me angry. I am really worried that they will launch a missile in the direction of South Korea.

But we are also angry at our government. Japanese broadcasters found out about this first. How can North Koreans behave like this on our doorstep and how come we find out about it last?

Anger towards North Korea and our own government transcends our fear. But what if their next missile hits us?


Lee Si-Hwang
Lee Si-Hwang believes North Korea will not attack other states
This is not a shock because North Korea has done this before. I don't think they want to attack other states and so I do not believe this is a very serious situation.

This is just a strategy of theirs to show off their military strength to the world.

I heard somebody say, and I totally agree, that this is a strong message towards the international community warning it not to look down upon North Korea.

If they expose their military strength, they might get into a bargaining position.

Korea and the international community must resolve this matter peacefully. It cannot be solved by force.

We're not afraid of North Korea. Korean people think that the North and South Korea are same country. There is much co-operation between us these days.

I believe that North Korea does not want to attack other states.


I was really shocked. I was full of emotions but I felt as if nobody else around me cared. The atmosphere here in South Korea is peaceful, people go to shopping malls - they are not too worried.

I don't trust the government here
I talked to several of my friends and most of them didn't know about it. Every newspaper was talking about it but people didn't know. There was real complacency.

That surprised me too.

I think it's because I used to live in Australia and so perhaps I am more concerned than people who have always lived here.

People here feel that North Korea won't really hurt South Korea. They feel that connection.

I think that is a dangerous situation. I am really considering inviting my family to emigrate to Australia. I don't trust the government here to protect my family.

It believes in the North Korean government, but it has no strategy to protect South Korean citizens.

I think this is one of the reasons North Korea launched the missiles. They knew the South wouldn't react.

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