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Japanese react to N Korea missiles
North Korea has earned global condemnation for test-firing a series of missiles which fell into the Sea of Japan. Here people across Japan give their reaction to North Korea's actions.


Shiroki Negishi is not scared of the threat from North Korea
I am more exasperated than scared. I have had enough of North Korea's antics - from nuclear arms and missile development to the abduction of Japanese citizens.

Last time the North Koreans did this, the rockets flew over Japan and fell into the Pacific. This time they seem to have been launched in the direction of the US.

The big surprise was that they fired so many rockets. When I went to work this morning, people talked about three missiles. Now, there is news of seven.

But launching these missiles is different from launching a full-blown attack. The failure of these missiles also reassures people. North Korea's technology base is falling apart.

I hope sanctions cause a breakdown of their regime. I don't think North Korea expected Japan to be so tough. They have miscalculated badly. This time, we are not scared, we are angry.


Toe Nakata
Toe Nakata thinks North Korea's actions are inexplicable
It was very, very shocking. I slept in today and I didn't realise what was happening until I turned on the television and heard that North Korea had launched missiles at us.

We had heard rumours of North Korea preparing for missile launches but nobody really believed it could be true.

I was really scared because it was the first time I had experienced a missile launch while in the country.

It's inexplicable. I can't think why they might do this.

I can't even understand what they do to their own people. This must be part of their plan to show their strength to other countries. Well, they may have arms, but the people are poor.

I feel sorry for the citizens of North Korea. But the government has to act against the North Korean government. They have kidnapped our citizens - the grievances go on and on.

The knowledge of past events is what has really scared me. My teacher at school survived the bomb in Hiroshima. He once told me what he saw and it was appalling.

Burnt people were searching for water in thirst; some of them actually tried to give their shedding blood to others to drink. The story was full of endless pain.

This is why the launches worry me. We shouldn't let anger rule politics. It's easy to lose control but that is how wars start.


Dr Shuji Hisano says North Korea does not have the technology to hurt Japan
When I heard the news, I was stunned. I cannot understand what the North Koreans are thinking.

People say it may be political bargaining to call for dialogue with the US. So in that sense, I am not very afraid.

But this game is too dangerous to justify whatever they meant.

I don't believe they meant to attack Japan. But their poor range and their lack of sophisticated technology could cause unexpected accidents.

They have the potential to hurt Japan. But I don't know if they can target a military base in Tokyo, Okinawa or a nuclear power station.

Japan should react but not because Japan was a close target. Japan should call for international measures because no nation has a right to act like this. This is something that must be dealt with as a global community.

But I hold the Japanese government partly responsible. Mr Koizumi has visited the Yasukuni shrine and caused tension among East Asian countries.

Even if we wanted to collaborate with South Korea or China, they might not accept the Japanese appeals.


This missile launch is not a surprise. It is just a ploy, and a very unsophisticated one at that. I think Japan is very safe.

Japan should be ready to prepare ballistic missiles
After all, we have been expecting something like this for some time now. I am not angry, I feel pity for the North Korean people. Their government is spending resources on military matters while they live in a very hungry condition.

I don't think Japanese people take these launches very seriously. The point is that the nuclear bomb has not been completed by the North Koreans. A rocket without a warhead is not frightening.

But Japan should be ready to prepare ballistic missiles; they should be prepared for a nuclear reaction to North Korean aggression.

I think aid should be stopped. I do not like North Korea right now. I need no relationship with them.

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