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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 May 2006, 11:15 GMT 12:15 UK
Aid pledges for Java victims rise
Members of Chinese International Search and Rescue Team heading for Yogyakarta
Rescue workers from several countries are on their way
Emergency workers and supplies are reaching survivors of Saturday's devastating earthquake in Indonesia as offers of international assistance gather pace.

UN and Red Cross officials met in Geneva to work out details of the relief effort, while the Indonesian president stressed the need for "good co-ordination".

Japan has pledged $10m (5.4m), while the UK has promised 4m ($7.35m). Countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE have also promised sizeable donations.

Other countries have promised medical and technical teams, while major NGOs have launched fund-raising appeals.

Offers of assistance include:

  • Japan has promised $10m, sent two medical teams and has also announced that it will send troops to help out

  • The UK has pledged $5.5m to be channelled through the UN and $1.85m via the Red Cross

  • The EU has promised up to 3m euros ($3.82m) in aid

    Indonesian soldiers unload medical supplies from Singapore
    The Red Cross and Red Crescent has issued an appeal for donations. Go to www.ifrc.org The British Red Cross donation number is 08450 535353
    Plan International has issued a plea for funds. Go to www.plan-uk.org or call (UK) 0800 526848
    Save the Children has asked for Java donations. Go to savethechildren.org.uk or call +44 20 7012 6400
    Christian Aid is appealing for donations. Go to christian-aid.org
    Oxfam is working at the disaster site. Donations can be made at www.oxfam.org.uk
    A global appeal by the UN is expected this week

  • The Netherlands has promised $1.27m, Belgium has pledged $832,000, while Norway, France and Italy have offered either medical teams or relief supplies

  • Saudi Arabia has promised $5m, plus food, medical equipment and tents, while the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have each pledged $4m

  • The US has pledged $2.5m and is also planning to send doctors and nurses from a military base in Okinawa, while Canada has offered $1.8m

  • Australia has pledged $2.2m and Prime Minister John Howard has also promised the Indonesian leader additional aid

  • China has offered $2m in cash aid, as well as a 44-person team of medical and earthquake experts

  • Singapore has pledged $50,000 and sent a 78-strong team, while South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia have sent rescue teams and medical supplies

  • UNICEF is sending tents, tarpaulins, health kits and school equipment

  • The World Food Programme has begun distributing emergency food rations and has sent 80 tonnes of fortified noodles

  • The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has appealed for $9.79m to help survivors

  • Save the Children Alliance has launched an appeal for $3m to fund household kits for affected families.

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