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No snorers allowed in China army
Chinese army delegate sleeps during a session of the National People's Congress
Noisy napping could damage an officer's career
China's military is to bar recruits who are heavy snorers and those who have "fashionable tattoos", the official Xinhua news agency says.

The report does not say how the army will test for chronic snoring, but it quoted a health official saying tattoos "tarnish the military's image".

Traditional ethnic tattoos will be allowed if they are not too obvious when the recruit is wearing shorts.

Potential officers will also have to take drug and psychological tests.

Collective disturbance

A report in the Beijing Morning Post said that the snoring standards were being brought in for military school recruits because "the nasal sound of chronic snorers disturbs collective life".

An unnamed official told Xinhua that the army was requiring urine tests for potential officers because of a surge in the number of young Chinese drug-users.

The psychological assessment will involve a written test followed by an interview for those who perform well enough, Miao Danmin, a professor with the Psychology Research Institute of the Fourth PLA Medical College, was quoted as saying.

"The army has specific requirements for its officials with regard to personality and mental health. The test will help teenagers make the right decision," the professor said.

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