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Deadly train crash in Indonesia
Wreckage of crashed trains
About 1,000 people were on the trains when they crashed
Two trains have collided on the island of Java in Indonesia, killing at least 13 people and injuring 26 others.

The crash happened at a station 450km (280 miles) east of Jakarta. Rescuers are at the scene, looking for bodies and survivors who may be still trapped.

About 1,000 passengers were on the trains, which were both travelling from the capital to the city of Surabaya.

One train apparently ploughed into the back of the other at Gubuk station. An investigation is now under way.

The accident occurred at about 0200 local time (0700 GMT).

A local railway official told the Associated Press news agency that one train had crashed into the back of a stationary train but seemed to have enough time to apply brakes, keeping down the number of fatalities.

Indonesian Transport Minister Hatta Radjasa said initial reports indicated the driver of the moving train had failed to heed a conductor's call to stop.

"It means that there was a human error, at the moment we can say that," he said.

One of the train drivers is believed to be among the dead.

A Swiss citizen was reported to be among the injured.

Crowds gather

The crash left a section of one of the trains lying on its side in a paddy field. Rescue workers moved from carriage to carriage to look for anyone who might still be trapped inside.

Officials said it would take at least a day to clear the wreckage.

After the crash, crowds gathered at railways stations further along the line to wait for any news.

Trains are a cheap and popular mode of transport in Indonesia, often crowded and carrying passengers on the roof.

Last year, three fatal crashes left more than 20 people dead.

See the aftermath of the train crash

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