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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006, 13:41 GMT 14:41 UK
Moves to stop Indonesian Playboy
By Clare Harkey
BBC East Asia editor

The magazine's director, Erwin Arnada, holds the first edition
The Indonesian edition of Playboy contains no nude photography
Police in the Indonesian capital Jakarta have held a meeting with the publishers of the local edition of Playboy magazine.

The capital's police chief said he was going to ask the magazine not to publish a second issue.

Playboy appeared for the first time in Indonesia, without nude photos, a week ago.

It has been a hugely controversial project in Indonesia despite the fact that pornography is widely available.

The famous Playboy brand name has proved a magnet for criticism by Muslim groups in particular, worried about its effect on local morals.

There have been frequent demonstrations against the magazine. On Wednesday its offices were stoned by protesters.

The magazine has now changed locations.

The publishers have now said they will consider the request to delay the second issue.

The Playboy issue is part of a wider debate in Indonesia, where parliament is being asked to consider an anti-pornography bill.

Critics say the draft law is too vaguely worded and could lead to women, Hindus and traditional tribes being discriminated against.

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