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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 April 2006, 13:35 GMT 14:35 UK
New bird flu case in Indonesia
A roadside chicken vendor in Jakarta
Twenty-three people have died in Indonesia from the bird flu virus
An Indonesian man in his twenties has been confirmed to have the H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus, officials said.

Health Ministry official Hariadi Wibisono said the man was in a stable condition in hospital.

Indonesia has seen the second-highest number of human cases of the virus, with more than 20 confirmed fatalities.

Meanwhile, a woman in the Chinese city of Guangzhou was being tested for the virus, the World Health Organization said.

Mr Wibisono said tests by the WHO-affiliated laboratory in Hong Kong had confirmed the virus in the Indonesian man, who had been working at a chicken farm in west Java before he became ill.


He was admitted to hospital in Padang, western Sumatra, in late March.

Guangzhou case

In Guangzhou in southern China, officials were testing a 41-year-old woman for the virus.

WHO spokesman in Beijing, Aphaluk Bhatiasevi, said the woman sold vegetables at a market where poultry was also for sale. The woman was currently in a stable condition in hospital, she said.

Eleven people have died from the virus in China. Around the world, more than 100 people have died from the H5N1 strain of the disease since 2003.

The majority of the deaths have occurred in Asia, but cases in people and birds have also been recorded in Europe and Africa.

Experts fear the virus could mutate into a form that passes easily between humans, possibly sparking a pandemic, but there is no evidence that this has happened yet.

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