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Monday, January 19, 1998 Published at 20:27 GMT

World: Asia-Pacific

Siberian mineral named after Diana
image: [ Diana's international status has led to tributes around the world ]
Diana's international status has led to tributes around the world

While Britain considers how best to remember Diana, Princess of Wales, other countries are finding innovative ways to ensure her name lives on.

The BBC Moscow correspondent, Robert Parsons: "Dianite could soon be in a shop near you" (38")
Cuba has already created a Diana memorial garden. Now, scientists in Russia have discovered a a new light blue rock and christened it 'dianite'.

The mineral was found by a layer of the Murun mountains in Siberia by a team of excavators.

[ image: These stamps go on sale in the UK next month]
These stamps go on sale in the UK next month
They said they have removed a number of kilograms of the rock already and plans are being drawn up to use "dianite" to make souvenirs and jewellery.

Since Diana's death in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, many groups have tried to come up with ways of remembering her name.

Amongst the first was her biographer, Andrew Morton, who quickly re-issued Diana: Her True Story, accompanied by the revelation that Diana herself was one of the main sources for his allegations of bulimia and suicide attempts.

[ image:  ]
Elton John's single, sung at Diana's funeral in Westminster Abbey, also became an instant best-seller. Profits from "Candle in the Wind" go to the Diana Memorial Fund.

But that too ran into controversy last week when it was revealed the fund's solicitors have already run up bills of half a million pounds before any money has gone to charity.

Britain has not yet decided on its official tribute to Diana either, although the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, and others on the committee to make the decision have said they favour the idea of a memorial garden by her London residence, Kensington Palace.

However, the Royal Mail has announced a set of Diana commemorative stamp will go on sale in February.


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