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Last Updated: Friday, 17 March 2006, 11:57 GMT
One year on: Minavar Akhmedova
Our biggest problem is the economy. The country is poverty-stricken and we are sliding backwards.

Name: Minavar Akhmedova
Age: 52
Lives: Karasu
Job: Teacher
Verdict: "Life is still difficult here"

I live in a small town outside Osh. The revolution began here. It started when the rightful candidate didn't get his seat.

They held public meetings for two weeks and it all snowballed from there. It was not that they wanted to change their ruler, oust the president; it was just that they wanted the right candidate to win.

I didn't really want Akayev to go. I didn't really want a revolution. But I think Bakiev wants to support us and I think he understands the simple people and what they need.

Poor economy

Life is still difficult here. I am a teacher and I sit on the regional educational committee. I earn $20 a month.

My husband is a university lecturer. He earns %40 a month. How can we be expected to live like this? My son did very well academically but now he lives in Kazakhstan.

All our young talent is being drained from the country because of the poor economy.

I see it happen all around me. People are leaving the south and emigrating. What good is a revolution if this is the outcome?

Some talk about the revolution as a women's revolution. Many women thought they made the revolution.

But many don't work - teachers and doctors - intelligent women. I still cannot see what women have got from this.

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