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Last Updated: Friday, 15 July, 2005, 11:40 GMT 12:40 UK
Chinese official 'hired hitmen'
By Daniel Griffiths
BBC News, Beijing

A senior Chinese official has been arrested on suspicion of hiring hitmen to murder his wife, according to reports in the country's state media.

Lu Debin was arrested last month, but details of the case are only just emerging.

His wife's dismembered body parts were found dumped in a reservoir.

Government-run newspapers said she had threatened to expose his role in provincial corruption if he divorced her.

Until recently, Lu Debin was vice-governor of the central Chinese province of Henan, one of the most populous areas in the country.

A university lecturer educated in the US, he was once voted a model teacher.

Two other officials, including a local police chief, have been arrested , accused of being his accomplices.



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