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Australia quads doctor under fire
Male and female sex symbols
The Chalks already have one set of quads - two girls and two boys
An Australian fertility doctor is under fire after one of his patients became pregnant with quadruplets for the second time in less than two years.

The patient, 26-year-old Dale Chalk, from Brisbane, already has five children, and her first quadruplets are only 10 months old.

Dr Warren DeAmbrosis' peers pointed out the health risks to children of multiple pregnancies.

The Chalks, however, said they were extremely happy with the outcome.

The IVF Directors Group, comprising IVF medical directors from Australia and New Zealand, met at the weekend to discuss the case.

The group said it would push for the fertility industry to do more to prevent this happening again.

"A lot of my colleagues are terribly concerned," said member Glenn Sterling, medical director of Brisbane's City Fertility Centre.

"Quads is not the outcome we are looking for. The medicine is irresponsible both clinically and financially for the parents and the government."

'Imprecise science'

All of Mrs Chalk's pregnancies have been artificially conceived, using sperm from an anonymous donor.

Dr DeAmbrosis defended his actions.

"This is an imprecise science," he told The Sunday Mail.

"I defend it in that what I did was to try and get this couple pregnant in the best way possible. There was always a slight risk of two or even three babies but I didn't expect to get four. It's certainly not something I wanted to achieve.

"The couple came back for more babies so soon because it took them 18 cycles to fall pregnant last time. You just cannot be absolute with this game," he said.

But the Chalks have defended Dr DeAmbrosis.

"Warren is a fantastic doctor and a wonderful man and without him we can't have children," said Darren Chalk. "A lot of people might criticise, but we wanted a big family and we're really happy."

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