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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 January 2006, 05:39 GMT
Chinese farmer in suicide attack
By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes
BBC News, Beijing

Police guard site of explosion
The farmer was said to be unhappy about a court verdict
A Chinese farmer has set off a bomb in a court house in north-west China, killing himself and four other people including the court president.

According to the official Chinese media, the man set off the bomb on Friday during a court hearing.

He is reported to have been angry over a land dispute.

The Xinhua state news agency said the 62-year-old farmer forced his way into the court house during a hearing on Friday morning.

He then lit a fuse on explosives he was carrying and blew himself up.

Four other people in the courtroom were killed including the court president and a local Communist party official. At least 20 others were injured.

Desperate acts

The official news report says the man was angry about a court ruling over a land dispute involving his late son and daughter-in-law.

It gave no further details. But stories like this have become increasingly common in China in recent years.

Ordinary Chinese people who feel unfairly treated by China's one party state have virtually no way of gaining recourse.

In their frustration some turn to violence and the preferred method is often some sort of bomb.

Explosives are relatively easy to come by in China, unlike firearms which are very tightly controlled.


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