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Prosecutors sum up in Corby case
Schapelle Corby - 21/4/05
Ms Corby's case has been closely followed in Australia
Indonesian prosecutors have wrapped up their case against Australian woman Schapelle Corby, who is on trial for smuggling drugs to Bali.

Prosecutors told the court in Denpasar that the 27-year-old beauty therapist had been caught red-handed, and should therefore be sentenced to life in jail.

Ms Corby was arrested in October after 4.1kg (9lbs) of marijuana were found in her bags at Bali airport.

Under Indonesia's tough anti-drug laws, convicted traffickers can be executed.

But Ms Corby's case has attracted widespread public interest in Australia, and the Canberra government has urged Indonesian prosecutors not to ask for the death penalty.

Friday's hearing lasted just 15 minutes, with the prosecution reading a statement rejecting arguments made by Ms Corby's defence team proclaiming her innocence.

Prosecutors dismissed the tearful pleas she made last week as emotional words which carried no legal weight.

They claimed she knew the marijuana was inside her luggage when she arrived in Bali. Ms Corby did not comment as she was led into the court hearing on Friday.

He lawyer Lily Lubis said she was suffering from stress and depression.

But she said her client was not suicidal. "She is a strong person. So I hope she will not do a stupid thing," Ms Lubis told the Australian Associated Press.

Ms Corby's defence team will be given the opportunity to respond for the final time next Thursday.

Then the judges will retire to consider their verdict.

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