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Last Updated: Saturday, 30 April, 2005, 12:38 GMT 13:38 UK
Beijing handshake wins press praise, criticism
Lien Chan (r) on arrival in Beijing on Thursday
Lien Chan's warm Beijing welcome

Taiwanese opposition leader Lien Chan's meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao wins mixed reviews, with some Taiwanese newspapers accusing him of a sell-out.

China's state media hail the meeting as a historic step forward, with a caution that the conflict is far from resolved.

Papers from both sides weigh the impact on the popularity of Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian's pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Mr Lien's Kuomintang (KMT).

In the Hu-Lien communique every point was made for the good of the "Chinese nation", and there was nothing positive for Taiwan and the Taiwanese people. Instead, it could even result in a loss of sovereignty for the Taiwan state, the withering of Taiwan's economy and a further exacerbation of already serious unemployment and crime...

Today, the nation's sovereignty is in the hands of the people, and we have the right to decide Taiwan's future. If, under such circumstances, we still allow Lien Chan to succeed in his scheme to unite with the communists to sell out Taiwan, our descendants will laugh at our ignorance and naivety.

Taiwan's Liberty Times

Lien's latest betrayal can only have us wondering how long it will be before the Taiwanese decide his antics must be stopped... Will no one rid Taiwan of this treacherous Lien Chan?

Taiwan's Taipei Times

It was detestable and shameful... Lien Chan's words and actions on his China trip will definitely be subjected to a severe trial by history and the Taiwanese people.

Taipei's Taiwan Daily

The results of the Lien-Hu summit are obviously very beneficial to Taiwan. Logically speaking, the DPP should be happy to see its success. Unfortunately, the ruling DPP does not appreciate the KMT's painstaking effort at all. Instead, it has strongly attacked the summit and labelled all the goodwill as the CCP's [Chinese Communist Party] "united front" trickeries... All the conclusions of the Lien-Hu summit, which are good for Taiwan, have been seen as sugar-coated poison pills.

Taiwan's Central Daily News

The Lien-Hu summit completed the first step of the KMT-CCP reconciliation, and was a turning point in cross-strait relations, setting up a completely new model for cross-strait inter-party co-operation... We hope the DPP will no longer be limited by the 20th-century Cold War thinking and abandon its rigid and confrontational "Taiwan independence" ideology.

Taiwan's China Evening Times

In evaluating Lien Chan's trip, President Chen can have his reservations, but he need not dismiss it completely.

Taiwan's United Daily News

This was the first handshake in 60 years between the top leaders of the KMT and the CCP. It marked the beginning of a new phase in the relationship between the two parties. It was a historic moment that brought a spring-like atmosphere to the future of both sides of the strait...

The handshake between the two party leaders also boosted the self-confidence of all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation across the whole world. If even the KMT and the CCP can come together in spite of all the political and historical barriers, we can certainly believe that the Chinese people have the wisdom and capability to solve their own problems. The mainland can understand the Taiwan people's thoughts and feelings directly through Taiwan's political parties, groups and representative personages. And Taiwan does not need to be a pawn of any hegemonic power.

Chinese Communist Party newspaper People's Daily

Confronted with the major accomplishments of the "Hu-Lien summit", the Chen Shui-bian authorities will have to make a choice. They must either follow public opinion and work towards reconciliation and development, or continue to resist and go against public opinion.

Beijing's People's Net

We sincerely hope that this spring is indeed the spring for peace and common development for both sides of the strait.

Hong Kong's Ming Pao

So long as the Taiwan government refuses to relinquish publicly its "Taiwan independence" doctrine, all the benefits mentioned in the communique will just evaporate...

We hope that the talks between Mr Lien and Mr Hu can serve as a starting point for cross-strait political communications. We hope that... other Taiwan political parties, especially the ruling DPP, can also send their leaders or delegations to mainland China to hold direct dialogues with the CCP.

Hong Kong's Apple Daily

Only if the two sides can resume talks, negotiate the formal end of hostilities and sign a peace agreement will the conditions be ripe for lasting peace and stability.

China's Beijing News

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