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Last Updated: Saturday, 3 December 2005, 16:46 GMT
Uzbeks jail 25 Andijan suspects
Soldiers take up their positions during May's riots in Andijan, Uzbekistan
More trials of suspects accused of organising the riots are under way
Twenty-five men have received sentences of up to 22 years in jail in Uzbekistan in connection with a bloody uprising in the eastern town of Andijan in May.

The men were sentenced after two separate trials held behind closed doors in undisclosed locations.

A supreme court statement said they were guilty of carrying out murder, terrorist acts and mass riots.

Fifteeen men accused of masterminding the uprising were jailed last month in what was widely seen as a show trial.

They were handed prison sentences of up to 20 years.

The statement issued on Saturday said 13 defendants were sentenced by the Tashkent provincial court and 12 by the Tashkent city court.

The precise location of the hearings was unclear as both courts were allowed to hold hearings in different parts of the country, under Uzbek law.

Uzbek authorities have confirmed that other hearings involving 58 people in relation to the Andijan violence are under way.

The government says 187 people, mostly "terrorist organisers", died during the Andijan unrest.

But human rights groups say 500 or more civilians may have been killed, shot by Uzbek security forces.

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