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Thursday, 7 October, 1999, 12:22 GMT 13:22 UK
Who makes up the Timor force?
A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Hercules
The Australian air force has airlifted refugees from Dili
East Timor
Australian Defence Minister John Moore has said the Australian contingent together with personnel from more than 12 other countries will form a combined force of at least 7,500.

It is one of Asia's biggest military deployments since the Vietnam War.

The force's objective is to restore peace and security - specifically to secure the Dili compound of the UN Mission to East Timor (Unamet), protect refugees and safeguard humanitarian aid for displaced people.

Individual nations offered the following contributions:

Indonesian protesters burn an Australian flag
Indonesian protesters burn an Australian flag
Australia: Is sending up to 4,500 military personnel. There are six frigates and three destroyers, all equipped with guided missiles, also ready for deployment. Australian Major-General Peter Cosgrove is leading the force. East Timor lies only 400km off Australia's northern coast.

Argentina: 50 troops.

Bangladesh: Offered troops.

Brazil: 30 to 50 military police.

Britain: Britain says it is committing itself to only a "modest" military role in the East Timor crisis because of its policing roles in other world trouble spots. It has deployed destroyer HMS Glasgow, including one helicopter. Some 270 Nepali Gurkhas, some of whom speak Malay, were part of the first wave of troops to land in East Timor. Britain will contribute some 600 personnel in total. It is also offering three aircraft and donated $5m to help restore UN operations in East Timor.

Canada: About 600 troops - 100 initially, followed by two groups of 250 personnel. Supply ship HMCS Protecteur and two Hercules transport aircraft are also being sent.

China: Has said it will send a civilian police contingent.

Fiji: Will send about 180 soldiers.

Finland: Donating $1m to the operation.

France: Is sending 500 troops and a frigate to the region, also one field surgery, including 12 surgeons and two doctors.

Italy: Has pledged 600 military personnel, including tactical group of 200 paratroops, transport aircraft and amphibious naval unit on a vessel with hospital facilities, on-board helicopters and transport aircraft.

Japan: Japan's constitution prohibits the deployment of its troops abroad, but it has said it is ready to provide back-up logistics support and has pledged a total of 2m dollars in aid.

Malaysia: Malaysia has said it will send a team of military officers to join the multinational force, after earlier refusing because of Australia's leading role.

New Zealand: A New Zealand navy tanker, the HMNZS Endeavour, and an Anzac class frigate, the HMNZS Te Kaha, have been sent to the region to assist in naval operations off East Timor. Up to 800 air, sea and land troops, with an initial force of around 420 will go to East Timor.

Norway: Is sending five officers.

Pakistan: Has offered troops.

Philippines: The Philippines has said it will contribute up to 1,200 army engineers, medical and other support troops to the multinational peacekeeping force.

Portugal: President Jorge Sampaio said that Portugal was ready to contribute troops for peacekeeping in its former colony but would not insist on being included if its presence created problems with Indonesia. Portugal is to send a diplomatic team of 10 to 15 people.

Singapore: Has offered a possible volunteer force that could include medics, logistical support units and possibly military observers.

South Korea: Is considering sending a 400-stong infantry battalion to East Timor in what would be the first ever deployment of South Korean combat troops for peacekeeping operations abroad.

Sweden: Civilian police officers and $1.2m in aid.

Thailand: Thailand is the biggest Asian contributor, and plans ultimately to deploy more than 1,000 personnel, including combat troops, engineers, medics and technicians. Thai Major-General Songkitti Chakkrabhat is the mission's deputy commander.

United States: Is sending about 200 military personnel, half of whom will serve on the ground in East Timor, and support from Pacific Fleet. The US will also transport troops from other nations and help with logistics, communications and intelligence.

Diplomatic Correspondent Bridget Kendall: Fundamental questions have still to be answered
"A coalition of willing states": Mark Devenport reports from the UN
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