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Last Updated: Monday, 24 October 2005, 11:37 GMT 12:37 UK
China holds mass speed date event
Couple in Shanghai
Some young people in China are too busy to find partners
In China, everything seems to be done on a massive scale - even dating.

Over the weekend about 5,000 single men and women converged on a Shanghai park for a huge speed dating event, according to Chinese media.

At the beginning of the four-hour party each participant was handed a rose, to be given to the "right" person.

"If you are too shy to approach someone, you could ask 'Cupids' to deliver the flower or a message," organiser Yu Jian told the China Daily.

All participants had to be between 20 and 45, with at least a college education, according to Chinese media.

As well as speed dating, participants could take part in a series of games, and at the end of the evening a king and queen of the night were chosen.

Henny Xu, a 23-year-old bank clerk, said she had enjoyed the event.

"A big party like this is quite an effective way to seek partners. I can meet so many people in a short time," she told the China Daily.

But some young singles in China do not even have time for speed dating.

Yu Su'e went to the party to take digital photos of "suitable men" to show her 32-year-old daughter.

"I came in place of her. She was too busy to come," Yu Su'e told the China Daily.

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