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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 February 2005, 08:27 GMT
Glue removed from Thai monk's eye
An elderly Thai monk who mistook a tube of superglue for eye drops can see again after doctors unglued one eye.

Phra Kru Prapatworakhun, 81, had been unable to see for nearly a week after applying the superglue, which he found in his temple's medicine cabinet.

Doctors used acetone solvent to remove the glue from one eye and said it was unharmed, the Nation newspaper reports.

An operation on the second eye, which is still tightly sealed, is scheduled for Thursday.

Phra Kru Prapatworakhun, the abbot of a temple in Muang Angthong district, north of Bangkok, said he had a severe itch in his eyes on 17 February.

"I squeezed several drops on the floor and saw a clear liquid, so I put four drops into each eye. In about a minute, my eyes felt cold and then sealed closed," the monk told the Nation.

Another monk suggested he use thinners to get rid of the glue. But that only caused a searing pain, he said.

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