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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 September 2005, 09:00 GMT 10:00 UK
Australian crushed in rubbish lorry
Mr Griffin was put into a rubbish bin after a night out drinking
An Australian man has told how he narrowly escaped being crushed to death inside a rubbish lorry after he fell unconscious following a night out.

CCTV footage shows a group of men tipping Wayne Griffin into a bin which hours later was collected by a compactor in Perth.

Mr Griffin, 40, woke to the roar of the vehicle's crusher and a pressure so strong that it broke his arm and ribs.

He managed to alert the driver by banging on the lorry's side.

Mr Griffin said the driver only heard him because it was raining and he got out to put a lid on one of the dustbins.

"At first ... he thought [the banging] was rats or something but then it was too loud for it to be rats. So he obviously thought it was someone in there,'' he told the Today Tonight programme on Australia's Seven Network TV.

I'm having nightmares and dreams ever since
Wayne Griffin

Mr Griffin, whose horrific ordeal began after dinner at his house with friends, followed by a trip to the pub, believes his drinks there were spiked.

He cannot remember how he passed out on the street.

The retail manager said his wallet was stolen, and that he may have been put into the bin as a prank. Police are investigating.

Meanwhile Mr Griffin said he continues to relive his ordeal.

"I'm having nightmares and dreams ever since. I've had dreams of police going to my parents and saying: 'Your son's dead. We found him at the tip.' I feel like I've died even though I haven't."

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