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Last Updated: Monday, 19 September 2005, 11:06 GMT 12:06 UK
New Zealand MP to make naked dash
Keith Locke
Mr Locke said his run would be 'artistic'
A New Zealand politician who pledged to run naked through the street if a rival candidate won Saturday's election has promised to keep his word.

Green Party MP Keith Locke had pledged to strip off in his Epsom constituency if Act Party leader Rodney Hide won the Auckland seat.

Seen as a long-shot, Mr Hide surprised pundits by winning a big majority.

Mr Locke said the Greens were a party of their word, and he did not want to break an election promise.

"We haven't set a date, we've got preparations to do in terms of choreography," Mr Locke told the Associated Press on Monday.

When asked about his nude run, he said: "It will be artistic and it will involve body paint."

A local business group, the Newmarket Business Association, has taken pity on the politician.

"We don't want our electorate to be the home of the first broken campaign promise," general manager Cameron Brewer told local media.

"When Mr Locke is ready, the Newmarket Business Association will warn the faint-hearted, clear the footpath...[and] ensure there are the necessary officials," said Mr Brewer.

He also said paramedics would be on hand, to look after Mr Locke as well as witnesses.

He added that he was happy to supply the lawmaker with a loin cloth if required.

"Newmarket is home to the country's best shopping. We don't want Mr Locke's organics to frighten away any of our customers so we will provide some cover, albeit skimpy," he said.

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