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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 September 2005, 08:26 GMT 09:26 UK
Typhoon Talim blows over Taiwan
Taipei braces for Typhoon Talim
Forecasters had warned the typhoon could cause severe damage
Typhoon Talim has passed over the island of Taiwan, felling billboards and trees and smashing windows.

At least one person was killed and 24 injured as winds and rain lashed the mountainous, densely-populated island.

Schools, public buildings and financial markets remained closed, amid warnings that heavy rainfall could still cause landslides and flooding.

Typhoon Talim is now en route to south-east China, with sustained winds of up to 144 km/h (90 mph).

Most air and land traffic in Taiwan is expected to return to normal later on Thursday, but weather experts predict that strong winds and rains will continue in central and southern areas.

Some residents of coastal areas have been evacuated in anticipation of the typhoon, the China Daily newspaper reported.


By mid-morning local time on Thursday, the storm was centred over the Taiwan Strait, about 60km (37 miles) from the city of Taichung in central Taiwan.

The worst of the storm had passed by the time people woke up in the city of Taipei.

NASA satellite image shows Typhoon Talim approaching Taiwan

A taxi driver told the Reuters news agency that fierce winds and torrential rain had made driving dangerous during the night.

"I heard a loud bang and saw scaffolding had crashed into the street right next to my car. It was a close shave," he said.

An elderly man is reported to have drowned during the storm after slipping into a pond, according to Taiwan's Disaster Relief Centre.

An express train from Kaohsiung city to Taipei was cancelled after one of its windows was shattered by a falling signpost.

Nine people - eight prisoners and a policeman - were hurt when the van they were travelling in hit a road barrier.

Talim had earlier been classed as a category 4 storm out of a five-level ranking, with five being the strongest.

Typhoons and tropical storms often hit the island between June and September.

Last August, an entire village was buried in northern Hsinchu county when Typhoon Aere struck, killing 24 people.

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