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In quotes: Dissidents react to Zhao's death
Chinese dissidents inside and outside the country are mourning the death of purged Chinese Communist Party leader Zhao Ziyang. Here are some key quotes.

The conditions under which Zhao Ziyang was living at the time of his death... is a showcase of shame for Chinese justice and for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) itself.

[The leaders'] attempts to conceal the truth about the past only serve to reveal their weaknesses and their shamelessness. But there is one thing that they can never change: Zhao Ziyang remains with us still, in the on-going struggle for rights and democracy for the Chinese people.

Bao Tong, Zhao's former secretary

Zhao had the courage to stand up against the bloody crackdown though he knew that he would lose his own political future...

Zhao will be remembered as a true democrat and a man with principle.

Shengde Lian, head of Free China Movement, New York

I'm very sad, today I cry for my leader and for my country.

If China had done the things that Zhao Ziyang suggested, then it would be a much better off place and economic prosperity would be shared by more people - as it was in the early 1980s with his rural reforms.

Wu Guoguang, former Zhao aide

Ziyang is one of the main founders of China's reform and opening. The Chinese people and history will never forget the contributions he made.

Xu Jiatun, Chinese Communist Party defector

Zhao Ziyang represents Chinese Communist Party members with a conscience.

Wang Dan, Tiananmen protest leader

[Zhao] decided to stand by his beliefs, to oppose a military crackdown, and for that he paid a very severe price.

Wuer Kaixi, Tiananmen protest leader

At the critical moment of history, he made a very important choice. He stood with the people and stood with democracy... He chose justice.

The Chinese people will not forget him.

Ding Zilin, co-founder of Tiananmen Mothers

Why Zhao was seen as a symbol of democratic reform


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