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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 December, 2004, 14:27 GMT
Quake zone press takes stock
Newspapers in the countries hit hardest by the Indian Ocean tsunami focus on what one calls the "deeply painful lessons" of the disaster.

Indonesian papers believe that some good can come of the tragedy, particularly in the disputed Aceh region which was the closest to the earthquake's epicentre.

If this national tragedy is to serve as an effective wake-up call, we will need to put into place the many measures required to minimise the effects of such tragedies. We cannot prevent tsunamis, but we can reduce their impact on life and property.

Bangkok Post, Thailand

It is not enough for the government and the private sector just to make a plan for recovery based only on the immediate cost of the tsunami. There are tens of thousands of people who were reduced to poverty and destitution by the horrifying natural disaster.

The Nation, Thailand

We can no longer consider Sri Lanka to be in an earthquake-free zone... Earthquake resistance must be taken into account in the rebuilding of structures affected by Sunday's events. It is also essential to educate the masses on the destructive power of earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Daily News, Sri Lanka

After this deeply painful lesson, besides setting up a tsunami early-warning system with other coastal states, Malaysia still needs to use state television, the news media, mass organisations, schools and other channels to remind people to look out for such disasters at all times.

Kwong Wah Yit Poh, Malaysia

After this unexpected disaster, we saw clearly that our ability to deal with disasters was still quite weak: an underdeveloped early warning system is still not complete, the disaster defence system collapsed at the first blow and there were also very many areas of oversight in management of the crisis.

China Press, Malaysia

A system must be introduced at the local level to vacate the entire affected area as soon as possible. Nature, which has caused us so much destruction, has also given us the required strength and intellect to overcome difficulties and find ways to meet these challenges.

Navbharat Times, India

The Aceh disaster has inspired solidarity and brotherhood.

Kompas, Indonesia

The tragedy in Aceh could provide the momentum to rebuild our national identity, just as the World Trade Centre tragedy gave the Americans the momentum to strengthen theirs.

Republika, Indonesia

We hope that this disaster will yield new opportunities for the emergence of peace in Aceh. There are chances here to bridge the differences between our government and the Free Aceh Movement, so that the conflict which has so far tortured the Acehnese will come to an end.

Bali Post, Indonesia

Those living in Africa have also woken up to the harsh reality that tsunamis are no longer a foreign phenomenon. These terror waves, travelling for thousands of miles, can strike closer home.

Standard, Kenya

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